chemical-free and extremely effective exfoliating treatment


A non-invasive, chemical-free and extremely effective exfoliating treatment that gently shaves the skin’s surface, removing dead skin cells and fine vellus hair from the face, allowing it to drink anti-aging moisturisers and serums leaving healthier, younger and glowing skin.

The initial benefits of this treatment are immediately apparent: your skin will be smoother, brighter, with any superficial acne scarring / fine lines reduced. Large pores will become less obvious and the fine hairs that trap excess oil removed, helping your makeup look flawless.

Optimise this treatment by combining it with a Chemical Skin Peel for amazing results


The most commonly asked questions

Is it safe?

Performed by a trained professional – it is very safe.

Will my facial hair grow back thicker?

No, this is a complete myth and is physiologically impossible.

Will it hurt?

No, it is completely painless and clients are pleasantly surprised at how little they feel.


There are minimal side effects, the face may be slightly pink but not red.

Is the treatment right for me?

If you suffer from dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, superficial acne scarring, long vellous hair, large pores, sun damaged skin or your skin just needs a good ‘pick-me-up’ this treatment is for you.

How much does it cost?


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